New Blog Community Endeavors

Hello everyone!  The past month and a half of starting and writing this blog has been a tremendous experience for me.  I started the blog because I had a deep conviction that greater transparency and dialogue regarding homosexuality was needed for me personally and in Christ’s church.  I had some trepidation regarding opening up some of the most private aspects of my heart and wondered whether there would be any benefit from this blog apart from it being a sort of a cathartic experience for me.  Well, God has been faithful, and the response from readers has been more than I could have imagined.  I have particularly been touched by the comments on the posts and private correspondence in which many of you have expressed joy at discovering others who are walking a similar faith and life journey.

In order to promote greater sense of community and to expand the benefits of this venue to more people, I am starting two new blog community endeavors:

1.  I am starting a new online community for mutual support regarding same sex sexual attractions.  The group is open to any Christian who believes in orthodox teachings regarding the fundamentals of the Christian faith and regarding sexuality and who experiences same sex sexual attraction.  The group will be confidential, and members will be encouraged to take certain measures to preserve confidentiality.

2.  I am opening up the blog for testimonies from readers regarding their experience with same sex sexual attractions.  The testimonies may be published anonymously.  The only requirement is that the testimony be generally consistent with the theme of the blog, namely a person with same sex sexual attractions seeking to live in accordance with orthodox teachings regarding human sexuality, though there may be detours along the way.

If you would to participate in the online community or would like to have your story published on this blog, please contact me under the “Contact” page or under the new pages “Reader Testimonies” and “Support Group”.  Many thanks!



I am a Christian man with same sex sexual attractions who believes in traditional sexual ethics. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life. My church home is in the reformed tradition. I love my work as a physician, as I get to participate in God's work of healing.
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